Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The run that I ran some, walked some...

The run was satisfying - immensely. Firstly, because it was for Chrysallis :) - we had a totla of 19 people running. Included in that were our Chrysallis Social Ambassadors - Krishna, Rajdeep, Sajan - who all ran, and showcased the cause we all so fervently believe in. Krishna and Rajdeep even managed a picture with Syed Kirmani!!

Satisfaction came also from the fact that ALL of us completed the course, and most of us finished in quite good time - ranging from around 55 minutes, to almost 100. Timing doesn't matter at all - it wasn't an aim for most of us.

Also satisfying was that I ran almost 5.5kms, brisk-walked the rest, and completed in 1:18:16 (according to my stop watch :P).

What we gained from this was an exposure for Chrysallis, and a decent amount of funds raised. Even better, the re-affirmation of the belief that we will do what we set out to do :). [not that we needed any! :P]

Super special thanks to Diana, who always pushes us beyond what we think is our limit - and then we surprise ourselves, while she stands there at the winning line, with the 'I-told-you-so' look at her face - she inspires - and how? Simple - she leads from front, and more importantly, she believes. God bless you Di!!

The day started at 5.00am.. when the alarm bell rang for the first time :) .. and then, it was 6.02!! I ran, well, almost literally, to pick up Cynthi, and then to Di's place.

We had our fair share of 'adventures', if I may call them so, but we managed to reach - in time.

And what a sight it was!! A mass of humanity, of people who run for a cause, of people who run for fun, of people who simply run, of those who walk, of those who challenge, those who push, those who sit all along the way and cheer, those who shouted 'vande mataram' on the way...

It was simply exhilarating to participate in an event like this - one which connects :)

And then, the breakfast at the Coffee house.. yummm!! (for once without the associated guilt of gobbling a couple of omlettes :P)

Of course, three cheers for all of us who ran - and those who supported nevertheless. (guys, you all know who I'm talking about !! ).

I think I should start preparing for the next year now itself - and you, the reader, be prepared too!!

God bless, and happiness always!!


Madhurima said...

well...well...well...Moral support plays a mjor role in performance...dare not doubt it! am super proud of u all...

Prashant said...

The next edition - we will run the entire 10km.

Zoya said...

Hey there :) Its been a long time. I wonder if you remember that we used to follow each other's blogs. Today, while reading comments on one of my previous blogs, I saw yours and for a lark, I clicked on the link...and was happy to see that you have revived the blog. I haven't read all the posts I have missed out in the meantime. However, I thought I would drop you a line. I now write on: http://slicesofmydailylife.blogspot.com
So, do drop by.

The Wanderer said...

:) Hey there...happy to see that you had dropped in. There's a lull in your blog activity...what's up ?